Monday, August 18, 2008

Dennis is 35 and Lookin HOT!!!!

August 3, 1973

Well for 59 days Dennis and I are the same age!!! Yeah, now that I got that off my chest I can wish him a HAPPY Birthday. Sorry this is late Honey, but it took me a while to get internet again. Ha! Ha!
Dennis's Top 10
10- Continual Education (He would love to get paid to go to School)
9- Reading and Collecting Magazines and Catalogs
8- Watching the Tour de France
7- Annual Bow Hunt with his Dad and Brother
6-John Grisham Novels
5-Coca Cola
4 -The Beach, Scuba Diving with his friends, Water in General
3-Riding his bike up grueling hills and fast speeds (UGH)
2-All of his Children Brendan, Jordan, Payton, and Emmalia
and The #1 thing he loves is............ Drum Roll Drum Roll Drum Roll
Me (Heather, his wife) of Course!!


Heather Bird said...

Thanks babe! I love you.


Chelsi said...

Ohhhhh, How cute you too! Heather I'm so proud post!!!! Way to go

allison said...

happy b-day dennis! heather, it's about time you posted something!
i've been stalking you :)

SLP said...

Happy Birthday!!!
Lots of Boston Love,

Corinne said...

Happy Birthday Dennis. I like the new posts, keep up the good work.

Reflections of Christ Mesa Arizona

Reflections of Christ Mesa Arizona

March 23, 2008

Easter Morning the kids found their baskets filled with candy and a few fun things for the backyard. Now we need some warm weather.

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday
Lookin so Good

Happy Easter

Happy Easter
Easter Morning