Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I've been Tagged

1.What is your most embarrassing moment? I say crazy things all the time that get me in trouble ask my friend, Kristina. "This year our birthdays are only 7 days apart"
2.What is something that you think about and laugh at every time? My first kiss with Dennis
3. What is you favorite season and why? Summer, because it is finally warm, and we can go camping, fishing and dutch ovens and BBQ's.
4.Who is your hero? This is a tough one I have to many. My best friend Jenni. (She died of cancer almost 4 years ago.
5.What have you learned throughout your life that you would share as advice for others? Treasure your Good Health. Don''t be afraid of Trials they always make us stronger.
6.What is your favorite goofy thing that your spouse does which makes you fall in love all over again? Dennis has the best sense of humor that really dry kind. Just being around him makes me laugh. The way he is with Waiters, He still remember Bry the waiter who served us on our first date.
7.What is your favorite book(s) of all time? It has to be I want to grow up, I want to grow hair and I want to go to Boise (Children surviving Cancer)
8.What is one of your pet peeves? My lack of Organization
9. Where has been your favorite place to travel and why? Carribean Cruise, just got back and I love the sun and R&R.
10. Leave a Question of your Own. What do you love about yourself? My Big Brown Eyes
11.My question to leave is: Would you take a million dollars if you could never use a computer ever again!? Yes, I have to work on my computer daily and I would definitely replace work with a million dollars.
12. My question is: What is something you admire about your mom or dad? My mom and how she just loves all Children. She has the BIGGEST heart!!


Brandon & Shelly said...

thanks for you fun answers. I love your blog!

SLP said...

So I want to know why you smile about your first kiss...details!

Corinne said...

Your first kiss makes me laugh too.

Reflections of Christ Mesa Arizona

Reflections of Christ Mesa Arizona

March 23, 2008

Easter Morning the kids found their baskets filled with candy and a few fun things for the backyard. Now we need some warm weather.

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday
Lookin so Good

Happy Easter

Happy Easter
Easter Morning